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We are excited to announce that the transition of your service to Montana Phone is complete. We appreciate your business and value your partnership.

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With over 40 years in business, owner and CEO, Charlie Olinger, has decided to retire and in so doing has decided that Montana Phone is the best and most aligned company model to take on the client base he spent a lifetime building and serving. Charlie will remain on staff in an operational leadership role with Montana Phone after the sale is completed.

"I'm excited to join the Montana Phone team and introduce them to the businesses I have had the pleasure of working with through these many years. Jayme and I have had similar service philosophies over the years which is why this is such an easy transition all the way around," said Charlie Olinger, CEO of Falcon Communications.

"We really couldn't be more humbled and honored that Charlie has decided to allow Montana Phone to continue his legacy in serving his clients. He genuinely cares about his customers, which was proven through a lifetime of building relationships and providing excellent customer service. We will gladly continue to do that while also bringing the Montana Phone personalization and business practices to these businesses. I'm looking forward to connecting with and meeting our new customers over the upcoming months," stated Jayme Branson, CEO of Montana Phone.

Customers can expect numerous communications sharing updates and information through the gradual transition from one company name to the other, however, both companies have similar platforms and processes, so no interruption to service will be incurred. The Montana Phone team will keep customers apprised of any updates as they occur. In addition, over time, customers can expect to see the name and logo change on their billing and marketing materials. Until then, customers can continue to log in to the existing Falcon Communications website and call the same number they always have. Customers can also log on to or email them at for all questions regarding this purchase.

About Montana Phone

Montana Phone, headquartered in Missoula, Montana, provides end-to-end solutions for voice and data Business Connectivity needs. From hardware to phone lines to data needs to voice infusion to service and management, they ensure all facets of your business phone solutions are working properly. With over 25 years experience working corner to corner across Montana and regionally, they become an integral part of your business fabric so you don't miss a minute of critical communications. For more information on Montana Phone, visit:

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